Fulscience won FAW Toyota “Special Contribution Award”

The third from right is Mr. Cong Jianbo, General manager of Fulscience Automotive Electronics Co., LTD
On April 13, FAW Toyota held the 2021 annual Supplier Conference in Tianjin.General Manager of FAW Toyota Maekawa, executive Vice general Manager Huang Yong, deputy general manager of each functional deployment and representatives of 60 suppliers attended the meeting. Mr. Cong Jianbo, general manager of Fulscience Automotive Electronics Co., LTD., participated with the key account management Department.
The meeting said that in 2020, FAW Toyota and its supplier partners will work together to fight the epidemic, break through the difficulties, jointly achieve rapid resumption of work and production, spare no effort to seize market opportunities, break the past record, and achieve new car sales of 800,000 units. These achievements have been made possible by the unremitting efforts of all suppliers in quality assurance, the strong assistance in flexible production, supply matching and epoch-making cost reduction activities. Faw Toyota expressed its sincere respect and deep gratitude to all suppliers for their efforts..
In the following commendation link, FAW Toyota commended the suppliers who made outstanding contributions in quality, cost, guarantee and other aspects in 2020, among which Fulscience Automotive Electronics won the "Special Contribution Award" of FAW Toyota in 2020.
Fulscience Automotive Electronics will embrace the development trend of the automotive industry, continue to invest in and focus on electronic and integrated products and services, and help FAW Toyota achieve the annual goal of "straddle double hundred, double" high-quality development.