Fulscience won the FAW Hongqi”Attack and Overcome Difficulties · Flag Ambition Award”

Fulscience won the FAW Hongqi"Attack and Overcome Difficulties · Flag Ambition Award"
On April 15, the 2021 Hongqi Supply Chain Partner Conference was held in Changchun. Representatives of 482 suppliers from all over the country gathered to talk about the coordination of Red Flag supply chain and seek a new pattern of national brand development. Wu Jingping, Standing Committee of Jilin Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Zhang Zhijun, Deputy secretary and mayor of Changchun Municipal Committee, Wang Haiying, Standing Committee and Executive Vice mayor of Changchun Municipal Committee, Zhao Xian, Secretary General of the Municipal government, and Qiu Xiandong, director, general manager and Deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd. participated in the activity.Cong Jianbo, general manager of Fulscience Automotive Electronics Co., LTD., was invited to attend the event.
The conference pointed out that in 2020, under the double pressure of the impact of the epidemic and the market downturn, FAW and Hongqi supply chain partners won the new battle of epidemic prevention and production resumption, made new breakthroughs in innovation ability, reached a new level of quality assurance, laid a new foundation for advanced production and manufacturing technology, made new progress in marketing services, promoted new concepts in supplier management, and achieved bucking the trend of rising business results. Last year, Hongqi brand passenger cars bucked the trend, with sales exceeding 200,000 units. In the first quarter of this year, sales reached 70,000 units, an increase of 180%, laying a solid foundation for achieving the annual production and sales target of 400,000 units. In 2021, FAW and Hongqi supply chain partners should go all out to ensure that the vehicle output exceeds the 400,000 mark; Comprehensive innovation, strive to break through key core technologies; Strive for excellence, help Hongqi quality transition development; Take multiple measures to enhance the cost competitiveness of supply chain; Compliance management, to build a "friendly" and "clean" procurement and supply relationship; Revitalize the local economy and accelerate the construction of Changchun International Automobile City.
Subsequently, the conference commended the outstanding supply chain partners in the past year, and the leaders presented awards to the representatives of the winning supply chain partners. Among them, Fulscience Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. won the FAW Hongqi "Tackling difficulties · Flag Ambition Award".
2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Fulscience Automotive Electronics will embrace the development trend of the automotive industry, continue to invest in and focus on electronic and integrated products and services, and fully help FAW Hongqi to achieve the annual target and Hongqi brand development.