On December 2nd , 2019, FAWER Automotive Parts Limited Company (stock code: 000030) and Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002920) jointly established FulScience Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., in Changchun together with FAW Group.

The registered capital of the new joint venture is RMB 400 million, mainly focusing on the three business segments of smart cabin, smart drive and smart services. Automotive electronics has become the main breakthrough field in the technological innovation of the automobile industry. Electrification and intelligentization are very important for automobile industry. FulScience supports FAW Group master and develop its own core technologies in the field of intelligence and networking.

FulScience automotive electronic, one of the leading automotive electronics companies, is committed to play an active and role in the transformation of future mobility.   

Overall Planning Of R & D Center and Industrial Park


FulScience Technology Park (Kaida north street across Dongfeng street)

(From FAW NBD headquarter building:about 100m

From FAW-VW:about 2.2km

From FAW Car:about 5km

From FAW-Jiefang:about 6.3km)

Convenient transportation provides better service for customers

1st Phase Construction

2 Floors manufacturing plant (Area:15790㎡) → Q1,2021

5 Floors R&D building(Area:11814 ㎡) →End of July,2021

3 Floors canteen(Area:2268 ㎡ )→End of July,2021

2nd Phase Construction

2 Floors Manufacturing Plant(Area:12096㎡) → 2023

Progress Plan

Start construction in July,2020 and complete the warm system at the end of 2020

FulScience 1st and 2nd phases total investment: RMB 1.4 billion(Construction investment:RMB 670 million)

Production Investment Plan For Phase I And Phase II
Laboratory Investment Plan
FulScience Investment Planning R & D Layout